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This swan is a real gardener! πŸŒΏπŸŒΊπŸ‘

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The following seed varieties are Sold Out for Summer 2017. Others are running low. Some will be back in stock in late Fall and early Winter, others by early Spring. There are Hillbilly Beefsteak tomatoes, Rich Sweetness 132 melons and Desert Honeybell pepper fruit on the vine as this is being written.

Beans, corn, sorghum, carrots, herbs, flowers all on track, less of each than we would like, but in Spring we'll be starting much earlier than this season.

Hillbilly Beefsteak Tomato


Pusa Asita Black Carrot


Desert Honeybell and Anaheim Chili Peppers


Rich Sweetness 132 Melon


Mexican Tarragon


Heritage Quality, Heirloom, and Open-Pollinated seeds. No GMO. Grow these from seed to seed. Subsistence assortments are based on landrace traits. We pursue easier regional adaptations for your garden, through careful cultivation and thoughtful selection.
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