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Victory garden poster

Second phase of our greenhouse project, sourced from donated materials is in progress, with a 7-foot tall 13x30-foot PVC and wire skeleton, set to enclose the former hoop house beds, a tree, the herb bed and the chickens.

The 20x20 main greenhouse is made of steel and clears 10 feet, enclosing the cab of our office/van. This approach makes available the truck's sophisticated automotive ventilation system to regulate temperature, and of course it will heat the interior of the vehicle as well.

Both greenhouses will be connected through a trapezoid-shaped scratch built tunnel measuring 8x16x20x20, of varying heights. All three structures will be stretched with thick 6 mil clear plastic sheet roll going 20 feet wide.

A ground mass rocket heater will provide heating to all three spaces on winter nights, through radiant heat provided by its buried exhaust.

This project presents us with the rare opportunity to evaluate contrasting materials and design elements in a side-by-side, real world test, under conditions of heat, cold, weather, sun exposure, very heavy winds, snow and rain.
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Rainwater Catchment from a High Tunnel for Irrigation Use https://t.co/tt6E3w6YMc via @YouTube ... See MoreSee Less

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Air Crete Machine for Under $30 (DIY) https://t.co/Fp9TH1wIw6 via @YouTube ... See MoreSee Less

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFufTOKn7hU&index=7&list=PL6viiuhJPi64oFggidXWxep_-DMSi9xih ... See MoreSee Less

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYJyxptclos&index=16&list=PL6viiuhJPi64oFggidXWxep_-DMSi9xih ... See MoreSee Less

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