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Old West Farmhouse

Payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer. If you absolutely have to use some other form of payment, feel free to call us at 602-702-6474 and we can make it work together.

30 Days return for purchase price, customer pays return shipping.

Growing crops is a risky proposition. We accept no liability for results other than price paid for purchase. There are too many variables far beyond our control to provide warranty, such as but not limited to:

Too much or too little light.

Too long or too short of a day.

Too long or too short of a growing season.

Drought, rain or other moisture-related weather incidents.

Quality of water given to plants.

Suitability of soil chemistry.

Too high or too low of an ambient temperature.

Too high or too low of a ground temperature.

Predation such as by insects, birds, rodents, or cats and dogs.

Transfer of pathogens or hazardous chemicals due to improper handling.

Given all of these variables, we feel that offering a refund limited to the purchase price is the fairest treatment we can offer you.

Thank you for your understanding,

Michael Bailey

Painted Desert Seed Company

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