Homesteading Guide

Homesteading Hummingbird
Homesteading Hummingbird

Homesteading is for YOU!

If homesteading is part of your future, you need information. If you just find homesteading interesting or a source of inspiration for gardening ideas or home improvement projects, this guide is also for you.

Homesteading in Real Life

We actually live and work on a homestead, crafted up from virgin land. This isn’t some guy thinking things through real carefully. We’re in a remote location. Off grid? We live in a place without actual street addresses. The nearest power lines are 25 miles away. You’re on your own for water, power and sanitation. This guide springs not just from research, there’s actual real-life experience, running into serious problems with limited money and not much time.

Initially, we’re including our research, which will be edited down and updated based on our real-world application of that research. Most of the early stuff will be about gardening and farming, because one of the ways we make our living is selling seeds. Stay tuned and this guide will be condensed, re-ordered, simplified and updated on an ongoing basis.

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