These are collections of seed varieties that create “instant gardens” like types of tomatoes, prepping and other classes or groups of plants.

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  • Native Ravager Collection


    This is an assortment including one packet each of:

    • Round Zucchini Squash
    • Waltham Butternut Squash
    • California Wonder Bell Pepper
    • New Mexico Anaheim Chili Pepper
    • Hillbilly Beefsteak Tomato
    • Chocolate Cherry Tomato
  • Quick Garden


    This is a five-variety assortment of some garden favorites to let you make a quick garden in the yard.

    1. Choice of Sunflower
    2. Eggplant
    3. Zucchini
    4. Choice of Beefsteak Tomato
    5. Choice of Cherry Tomato