Nutritious and easy to grow, these legumes are high in protein and fast- growing. Generally, for vegetable use in the Americas, Phaseoluus vulgaris is the preferred species, with prominent divisions into bush and pole phenotypes. Most pole varieties are indeterminate yielders, while bush types are determinate, yielding all at once. Runner beans are also popular in the USA.

  • Bush Beans

    Bush Beans (2)

    Bush beans grow without much need for support, in a bush-type habit.  Generally, bush beans are determinate, yielding the entire harvest over a shorter period than pole beans do.
  • Pole Beans

    Pole Beans (2)

    Pole beans yield two to three times more than bush beans from the same space, are easier to harvest, and many gardeners believe they are better tasting. Pole beans need a 5- to 8-foot-tall support. Can provide strong background or vertical element in flower garden.