Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers are plump, bell shaped vegetables that usually feature either three or four lobes. There are also other varieties that have a more tapered shape and no distinguishing lobes.

Sweet peppers usually range in size from two to five inches in diameter and two to six inches in length.

Inside the thick flesh is an inner cavity with edible bitter seeds and a white spongy core.

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    Pepper, Sweet: Chocolate Cake


    The medium, very sweet 4-inch Chocolate Cake bell pepper has been hand-selected by North Carolina’s Doug Jones for exceptional sweetness and gorgeous deep chocolate color.

    Minimum 30 seeds

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    Pepper, Sweet: Painted Desert Honeybell


    (Capsicum Annuum)

    The blocky, 4-inch Painted Desert Honeybell has been hand-selected from Orange Sun foundation stock at our Painted Desert Gardens for sweetness, productivity and bright orange color along with hardiness to temperature changes and drought tolerance.

    Ideal growing conditions for bell peppers include warm soil, ideally 70 to 84 °F, moist but not waterlogged. Bell peppers are sensitive to excess water and wide swings in temperature.

    Germination rate 94% – May 2019

    Minimum 35 Seeds