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  • Amaranth: Hopi Red Dye


    This incredibly gorgeous, ancient grain can reach over 6 feet tall, producing long, dark red foliage. Traditionally used on the Hopi Nation as a natural food dye to color piki bread.

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    Bean, Bush: Blue Lake


    (Physalis vulgaris)

    Blue Lake Bush Bean grows in the shape of a bush, and doesn’t need a pole or support.

    Minimum 20 Seeds

    Germination 93 percent – August 2020

  • Cornflower: Bachelor Button – Classical Romantic Mix


    A mix of mixes. Selected from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds’ “Bachelor Button Romantic Mix” and their “Classic Mix”, grown out for two seasons in Southwest Maricopa County, Arizona, Zone 9. Also, two seasons in Apache County, northeast Arizona, 6700 feet, zone 5-6.

  • Marigold: Sonoran Sunset


    Brightly-painted hues are reminiscent of the American Southwest and its beautiful sunsets. Heat and drought resistant, grown near Phoenix across the heat and cold of three seasons in the Sonoran desert and four seasons at 6700 feet in the Painted Desert.

  • Mexican Red Torch Sunflower

    Mexican Sunflower: Red Torch


    Showy sunflowers (to 3” across) with orange to orange-red rays and orange-yellow disks bloom from mid-summer to fall.

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    Onion: Apache Scallion


    (Allium cepa)

    60-70 days.

    Deep burgundy scallion with red to purple accents. Can be found growing wild on Jicarilla Apache country, near the Colorado border in north central New Mexico.

  • Evening Sun sunflowers

    Sunflower: Evening Sun


    Shades of autumn colors ranging from red, mahogany-red, burgundy, russet-bronze, vivid gold, all in bicolor blends.

  • Sunflower: Titan


    (Helianthus annuus)

    The Titan Sunflower is a truly fun and astounding plant. Capable of 12-plus feet in height and a flower of up to two feet across, the Titan certainly lives up to its name. Deep yellow color and old-fashioned appearance make for a striking border, fence cover or backdrop.

    Germination 93% – Tested August 2019

    Minimum 35 Seeds

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    Watermelon: Orange Tendersweet


    A medium to large, heat and drought resistant watermelon, dark green rinds with yellowish irregular striping and very sweet orange flesh.