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  • Cabbage: Brunswick

    $5.50 $5.50

    90 days.

    This large German drumhead is an heirloom storage cabbage, first imported to the USA in 1824. It’s quite cold hardy, and regularly hits 7-10 pounds in our gardens.

    Minimum 40 Seeds

  • Cabbage: Golden Acre


    (Brassica oleracea capitata)

    Early, compact, 2-3 pound round head cabbage that’s sweet and takes chilly climates well. Very well suited to northern climates and is often favored for homestead or prepping use.

    Minimum 50 seeds

  • Cabbage: Red Express


    (Brassica Olearacea Capitata)

    80 Days, 65 Days from Transplant. A compact red cabbage with a blue cast, very cold hardy, suitable for northern growers.

    Minimum 50 seeds