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  • Quick Garden


    This is a five-variety assortment of some garden favorites to let you make a quick garden in the yard.

    1. Choice of Sunflower
    2. Eggplant
    3. Zucchini
    4. Choice of Beefsteak Tomato
    5. Choice of Cherry Tomato
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    Tomato, Cherry: Blue Gold Berries


    (Solanum lycopersicum)

    80 days.

    Eye-popping gold cherry tomato blushes dark blue to purple where the skin receives the sun, while the green portions ripen to a burnished gold color. Fruit is produced as clusters of 5-8 tomatoes in a lattice pattern. Anyplace the sun makes contact on these bright yellow tomatoes, their skin turns dark blue due to the high levels of antioxidant compounds known as anthocyanins, except where the tomatoes are shaded from the sun, where they remain their natural bright gold color.

    Minimum 25 Seeds.


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    Tomato, Cherry: Chocolate Cherry


    Rich, dark color in a sweet, complex and juicy cherry tomato, featuring abundant anthocyanins and a flavorful appearance.

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    Tomato, Cherry: Rich Red


    (Solanum lycopersicum)

    75 days.

    Bright red color in a sweet, complex and juicy cherry tomato, featuring abundant sweetness and a flavorful appearance. Similar to the Sweet Million but milder and more nuanced. Fair heat tolerance.

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    Tomato: Hillbilly Beefsteak


    (Solanum lycopersicum)

    85 Days.

    These big, beefy bi-color tomatoes are famous for warm flavor, for excellent taste, and as the perfect burger slicer.

    Undeniably delicious, these enormous, 1-2 pound fruit have gorgeous golden-orange, red streaked flesh and skin.

  • Sonoran Flair Tomato

    Tomato: Sonoran Flair


    (Solanum Lycopersicum)

    We are selecting our own regional adaptation for Southern Arizona, from the Solar Flair out of Wild Boar Farms, in Northern California. Little can be done to improve upon the fantastic breeding work already accomplished by Grower Brad Gates. It will be fun to see what nuances we can find.