Lettuce, Romaine: Parris Island Cos


Called “Cos” lettuce in England. In Italian it is called lattuga romana and in French laitue romaine, both meaning “Roman lettuce,” an indication it arrive in Europe by way of Rome. Some language experts trace the word “cos” to the Arabic “khus.”

Cos or Romaine lettuce was associated with the ancient Egyptian god of fertility, Min.

Romaine lettuce may be used in the Passover Seder as a type of bitter herb.

Minimum 55 seeds

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(Lactuca sativa)

70-90 Days – 25 days to baby leaf harvest.

This is the classic Romaine Lettuce, bred by Clemson University and named for Parris Island, SC. Fast growing romaine lettuce excels in microgreens harvesting.

High in Vitamin A. Handl warmer temperatures than iceburg varieties.

In the Great Basin and lower deserts, lettuce is best grown in early spring and late fall. Full sun and cool temperatures will deliver the fullest range of flavor. Romaine and Cos type lettuces create dense, elongated heads.

Easily sown and grown at temperatures as low as 45 degrees, yet able to withstand short warm periods up to 90+ without going to seed.

Germination rate 93 Percent – Tested October 2021

Minimum 55 seeds


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