Orach, green: Taos Mountain Spinach

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An orach or “mountain spinach” natively growing near Taos, New Mexico.

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Atriplex hortensis.

An orach or “mountain spinach” found near Taos, New Mexico.  Late  spring at high altitude.  Grows in the cooler season in low desert environments. More drought tolerant and with a milder flavor than spinach, and can be used like spinach, either fresh or cooked.

Thomas Jefferson grew Green Orach at Monticello and loved its edible leaves, tasty if eaten young. Reaches 3-5 feet.

Direct sow seeds in loose, well-drained soil as soon as soil can be worked at lower altitudes, near last frost at high altitude. rvest the young leaves like spinach. It’s tolerant of both cold and heat. Doesn’t need as much water as other greens.

Sow successively every 2-3 weeks until mid-summer.

Germination 90 percent – March 2021

Minimum 40 seeds


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