Onion: Apache Scallion

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(Allium cepa)

60-70 days.

Deep burgundy early bunching scallion with red to purple accents.

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(Allium cepa)

60-70 days.

Apache Scallion is a deep burgundy bunching scallion with red to purple accents.

Apache scallions color up well early in the season, creating a most attractive and tasty treat. Fast growing, low input bunching onion that’s easy to grow, spicy yet mild with that hint of sweetness expected from a red variety.

Keeps well in the garden, and will eventually mature into a slightly oval pearl onion of small size, perfect for mincing, useful in soups, on salads, and for tacos or enchiladas.

Germination rate 91 Percent – Tested August 2021

Minimum 75 Seeds


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