Painted Desert Seed Company

Melon: Rich Sweetness 132

(Cucumis melo)

These little Russian pocket melons, from the former Soviet Union in the Baltic region, are only the size of baseballs.

But they do pack quite a punch, both in taste and in visuals. Beautiful red-brown melons with gold stripes and rich white flesh. Weight about 1/4 pound.

We grew these with ease through Phoenix, Arizona summers reaching over 120 degrees.

We are currently adapting them to our Northeastern Arizona location, on top of a mesa in the Painted Desert at 6700 feet elevation. There is no purer sunshine or air quality available. Watered from a native sandstone aquifer.

These highly aromatic little fruit have a mild, tropical flavor, very sweet and slightly tart, with a hint of coconut, to give a pina colada sensation. Great for school and work lunches, picnics, backpacking and sports practice.

Vigorous vines are highly productive from late spring until frost.

Currently in production. Seeds expected before Spring 2022.

Painted Desert Seed Company was growing for increase in seed quantity during Winter 2020 and Spring of 2021.

94 Percent germination, tested June 2021

Minimum 35 Seeds

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