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Tomato, Cherry: Chocolate Cherry

(Solanum lycopersicum)

Rich, dark color in a sweet, complex and juicy cherry tomato, featuring abundant anthocyanins and a flavorful appearance. Chocolate Cherries are a little rarer than the standard Black Cherry tomatoes, and the flavor is milder and more nuanced. Fair heat tolerance.

Germination 91% – Tested October 2020

Minimum 35 Seeds

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How to select:

Choose young, firm tomatoes with just a hint of “give” on the blossom end. Birds can be a problem, and this variety can be harvested a couple of days early and left to ripen in a warm place indoors, without damaging its quality.

How to prepare:

These are good right off the vine, used as snacks or to accompany sandwiches, soups and pasta.

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